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Valley of Fire Public Rock Art

Please visit the official Valley of Fire web site for all park information and downloadable maps:


Park Hours:

The visitor center hours are 8:30 to 4:30, but you can drive through the park at any time day or night. Maps are available at the entrances, visitor center, and on their web site.


Visitor Center: Open daily from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. It contains displays and provides information on the history of the park, as well as post cards, books and most importantly, maps of the park.


Brief History: The Valley of Fire is Nevada's oldest state park, dedicated in 1935 and consisting of just under 35,000 acres. It gets its name from the red sandstone formations making up the valley. The sandstone has been exposed by extensive erosion over the past 150 million years creating the incredible scenery that we enjoy today. The valley was occupied as early as 300 BC, first by the Fremont (Basket Makers), next came the Anasazi and then, until current times, the Paiute.


Rock art that was created by the original inhabitants can be mainly found in two areas of the park, Atlatl Rock and Petroglyph Canyon (Mouse's Tank).

To reach the Valley of Fire State Park, drive approximately 35 miles north of Las Vegas on I-15 to Exit 75 (Hwy 169). There is gas and food available at the Indian Smoke Shop located at the exit. Take Hwy 169 east for approximately 15 miles to the park entrance. From there it is approximately another 4 miles to the visitor center.


Petroglyph Sites:


All sites are accessible by passenger car.


Atlatl Rock:

There are many petroglyph sites in the Valley of Fire and many are available to the public. If you made entrance from I-15 on the west side of the park, the first ones that you will come to are at Atlatl Rock. There is a stairway up the front of the rock to see some of the petroglyphs. What most people do not know is that there are more around the side and the back of the rock. As you go around to the left, you will see a few petroglyphs, but at the back of the rock you will see another large rock covered with petroglyphs. You will want to wear the appropriate footwear if you venture beyond the parking area.


Arch Rock:

There are a few petroglyphs on the rocks adjoining Arch Rock.


Mouse's Tank:

There are petroglyphs all along the trail to Mouse's Tank. Also, across the street from the Mouse's Tank parking area there is another parking area with picnic tables. While in that parking area, as you are facing the picnic tables, there will be petroglyphs on a large rock to your right, and as you walk to your left there are several rocks just beyond the picnic / parking area with petroglyphs on them.


The Cabins:

Just as you start on the road to the "Cabins" on the left is a single rock with petroglyphs on it. Behind the "Cabins" you will find more petroglyphs.

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